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Hidden in Tennessee is Long Hollow Winery

Hidden in Tennessee is Long Hollow Winery


On a road trip, I found Long Hollow Winery, a quaint little white cottage, in Goodlettives just minutes from Nashville, Tennesse. As usual, I had no idea this little winery in a cute little cottage existed, but thanks to Google maps I found some tasty wine.

My GPS said, turn right and in 1500 feet will be your destination. I passed 1500 feet, and I didn't see anything. I didn't see any grapevines nor a huge parking lot that reeked of a commercial winery.

So I turned around and headed back towards the interstate. While driving back to interstate 65, I looked to my left and there it sits Long Hollow Winery.

I pulled in and still conditioned to the picturesque scenery of Sonoma and Napa Valley. I asked myself, where are the grapevines? However, this is what makes every journey fun, and a learning experience for me. It reminds me, we are not meant to reinvent the wheel. We have to establish our own uniqueness.

When I walked into Long Hollow, I instantly saw and felt it's the charm. I didn't feel as if I was in Tennesse anymore. It felt like I had been transported to another country. In the tasting room sit an antique car and the interior canvased with white brick white with a mural of grapevines on rolling hills captures one’s attention. There are many novelties and a sitting area to accommodate a small group. But what impressed me the most was their wine. Long Hollow has a large wine list and they all taste great.


A very unique and fruity with a fresh bouquet that reminds you of a morning stroll through the vineyard. This refreshing Catawba wine is often compared to a Blush or White Zinfandel.  Hush is a Long Hollow Winery Specialty.

A semi-sweet, highly fragrant and fruity Niagara grape wine. A delicate, light wine that complements social gatherings as a sipping wine.

Definitely a Long Hollow Winery favorite!  This unique blend offers a fruity, red wine that is enhanced with the aromas and taste of the wonderful Concord grape.

A red blended wine based on a French-American Hybrid grape. A fresh and bright fruit wine, it has a touch of zest. After all, Scarlet's namesake was the mistress of Tara in "Gone With The Wind". A nice sipping wine, and an excellent compliment to dinner for those who prefer a sweeter red wine.

Created in keeping with southern tradition, this sweet white wine is full of an earthy taste. Southerners are familiar with this homegrown favorite. Serve chilled as an Apertif or just enjoy sipping it while sitting out on the front porch.


The South and blackberries are synonymous, particularly when it comes to Blackberry Cobbler and Blackberry Wine. A wonderful dessert in itself, but try using this wine in your favorite pound-cake recipe (on our web site) or as a parfait topping. The juice is extracted using a "hot press" method to retain the natural flavor.


There’s nothing sweeter than a chilled bottle of Strawberry wine under a hot July Moon!  This dessert wine can conjure up some wonderful memories with its light and refreshing finish. The berries are ripened to perfection and pressed immediately to preserve their flavors and aromas.



This is the grape with famous roots from Germany.  It is a wonderful, light wine that was introduced to America in the late 1700’s, and it is compatible with our native Tennessee soils which produce a very fine wine.


A dry, red wine made with our local recipe. A French-American hybrid blend, it is a table wine that compliments red meat and pasta dishes. Enjoy a taste of the mystique that comes from the intrigue of its name, "Shackle Island"!

Truly a classic wine the world over.  The growing of Merlot grapes is new to the Tennessee area, so we are currently still importing this grape from other regions to bring home to Tennessee the world renowned flavor of one of best viniferous wines to be made.

Our Chardonnay grapes are also imported at this time to maintain the integrity of this famous varietal. It is processed with precise oak aging. We believe you will truly enjoy our brand of this fine wine.  Serve it with anything; it is that complimentary.

A dry, light and delicate white wine especially complimentary to hors d'oeuvres, poultry, pork, and fish entrees. It is the Pinot Gris varietal and an excellent choice for the white wine connoisseur.

They also offer a variety of cheese and a honey pecan jelly.

I also noticed there seemed to be a Gone with the Wind theme in their wine names, which Iater was comfirmed the owner loved the old south.

To add to Long Hollow's charm and to my surprise, this winery was established in 2000, by Grande Ole Opry legend Stu Phillips. Stu performed as a recording artist on stage, television, and radio. He was inducted into the Grand Ole Opry in 1967 and later in the Country Gospel Music Hall of fame commemorating his hit recordings and the Canadian Country Music Hall of fame.

Two Faves for the Holidays!

Two Faves for the Holidays!

I'm thankful for so much, including wine

I'm thankful for so much, including wine