The Perfect Fall Cocktail

I love to see vibrant orange everywhere… To add to this lovely season is the opportunity to try new cocktails that suit the weather and our mood. A perfect cocktail for fall is Bourbon Apple Cider.

The Modern Girl Sangria

Image Source: Jaclyn Beales

Nowadays with fitness being mainstream people want to know what's going into their body and will it add extra pounds or will they have to sacrifice something later. I like a variety of mixed drinks. But for the modern spring and summer girl, a refreshing semi-sweet sangria may be the drink for you and is a perfect go-to for any occasion.

Sweeten Your Palette

So onward to one of the most knowledge-based liquor store in Kentucky, Liquor Barn. While I was there, the manager educated me on most alcohol purchased is based on the area, income, and a cultural or an inherited taste.

Atlanta's Sweetwater is a hit on 4/20

I had not heard of Sweetwater Brewing Company before I started venturing into the sunset to check out other brewers and winemakers but I am so glad I found out about this awesome brewing company. Nestled in Atlanta is one of the most outgoing, free-spirited, customer friendly companies I have encountered and the staff is well educated about the product they sell.

Two Faves for the Holidays!

My first love and will always be my go-to wine for a beginner is a Riesling. In my opinion, a Riesling can be loved dry or sweet and it can help a beginner acquire a quick taste for wine.

Hidden in Tennessee is Long Hollow Winery

When I walked into Long Hollow, I instantly saw and felt it's the charm. I didn't feel as if I was in Tennesse anymore. It felt like I had been transported to another country. In the tasting room sit an antique car and the interior canvased with white brick white with a mural of grapevines on rolling hills captures one’s attention.

I'm thankful for so much, including wine

It seemed as though, every time my cousins came to visit in their cute dresses or outfits. I would be covered in dirt from head to from working in the field all day or reeked of cow manure. Now I look back on it and I am thankful for my past and my life every single day. It built so much character and adding meaning to my life.

Bowling Green's Gem

It's no secret that Kentucky is not especially known for its wine or craft beer, but rather for it's bourbon. Naturally, it just made sense, with myself being born and raised in the bourbon state, to finally visit a place that makes it. I quickly became pumped about it and reserved a tour for Corsair Distillery

The Newbie Experience: Napa vs. Sonoma

This has been my favorite wine experience to date. I love trying new things and was able to knock out 2 in one evening. This won’t be my last time trying something, of this nature, even by myself. And the more I can go to these types of events the more I will learn and will be able to give the detailed professional company, reasons. I am loo, king forward to becoming a true wine connoisseur!

Grape Harvest

I absolutely love making wine and the entire process of growing grapes. I am constantly amazed at how something as small as grapes can create so much juice. However, there is one part that I dislike this time of year, and that is harvesting grapes.

Nashville's Wine Country

If you live in the Nashville area and have not visited Arrington Vineyard, my question is, 'why not?' And if you are seeking a different type of wine experience which is relaxing and free, head to Arrington Vineyard. It definitely beats sitting around doing your same routine, googling, facebook, Instagram or watching reruns. Enjoy some wine and experience Arrington Vineyard in Nashville, Tennessee.